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Miss Georgia Payne




Miss Georgia Payne

I am a professional disciplinarian in the Los Angeles area. I'm sure you're visiting my page for good reason and we'll both find out why in good time. I've been punishing naughty men and women for over twenty years and have quite a reputation with the cane. I enjoy both domestic and judicial correction and my go-to implements include: hair brush, bath brush, wooden spoons, belts, straps, wooden birches, paddles, the cane, and, of course, my very own hand.

I don't put up with nonsense, I will just as easily shove a bar of soap in your mouth and stick you in a corner as put you over My knee. You get what you've got coming to you. I don't enjoy giving light spankings nor do I like giving spankings for the sake of it. I like to incorporate real life context into your punishment. I enjoy being the disciplinarian to someone who truly needs and deserves it. And we both know that you need and deserve it... don't we...?


Domestic Discipline

Something I relish about domestic play is the "take down". Domestic players at their core are all about the need for correction. They enter the room with many different attitudes but they all deep down want the same thing. They want to be put in their place. They know that until they find themselves being forced to look me in the eye, with their chin held firmly in my hand, they won't be truly satisfied and neither will I.

It's that moment, after they've been over my knee for an extended blistering on their bare bottom, the moment when I stand them up and that cocky swagger, that they entered the room with, has melted away and I'm staring at the bashful little boy or girl where once stood a man or woman. That, for me, is the moment that both players strive for. That's the moment I'll give you. Because as you stand in the corner, eyes down, ass red, you'll feel complete in ways few other moments could ever offer you. That's what makes domestic players so much fun for me and so rewarding.


Corporal // Judicial Punishment

A corporal/judicial punishment is needed when the subject has broken a very set standard of rules or commits a crime and needs to pay a hefty penalty for it. Think prisoner or naughty catholic school boy scenes. I enjoy both true confessionals and role-play scenarios for this sort of punishment. When you walk through my door, you can expect one of the hardest and most intense corrections of your life. I don't like to play lightly. If you cannot have marks, then don't bother. I will not hold back your punishment - after all it isn't a real punishment if I even had to consider that, now would it.


Behavior Modification

There are those out there that need a bit more structure in their lives. Some people need to create and stick by goals, whether it be, weight loss, work related, relationship oriented, or studies. I will build a program with you that includes what we agree; your accomplishment and how and when you're going to get there. Custom programs include weekly check-ins, possible phone calls, proof of hitting markers, and, of course, a punishment sector for failure to achieve agreed upon milestones. I want to help you be the best person you can be, and I know I can motivate you to get there.


Female Led Relationships

I very much enjoy coaching women who are interested in, engaging in, and living Female Led Relationships. I even wrote a book called "How to Be a Dominant Diva" that teaches women how to take charge from the boardroom to the bedroom, and have been coaching women for years how to take charge of their pleasure and their man. My focus, when coaching couples, is to ensure that she's getting everything that she needs out of the relationship. Is he pampering her? Taking on chores that she doesn't want to handle? And, if he steps out of line... what steps does she need to take to correct him? Does he try to top from the bottom? Talk back? Perhaps a tie clip placed on the end of his tongue will curb his tongue! I place the most emphasis on real life context.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you realize you were into discipline?
My earliest memory would be having a boyfriend in high school who was singing along to the Grease soundtrack and I took his belt off and smacked him with it HARD when he didn't perform on a level that met My expectations.
Do you use safe words?
Never. Mommy didn't give you a safe word, why would I?
What is your preferred attire?
My go-to attire consists of blouse and skirt and I enjoy 1950's-1960's Mad Men type of dresses. I fetishize that genre and it really works for my type of play.
Do you ever switch?
No, I never switch. I have always been a Top. I enjoy Total Power Exchange from that view and being the ruler of my world. I'm also in a Female Led Relationship in my personal life as well.
You mention that you don't play light, will you ever take a session where the spankee cannot be marked?
No, doesn't interest me. That sort of thing isn't ever negotiated in a real-life context, why should it be with me?
Do you ever include witnesses to watch your punishment sessions?
Yes! I have plenty of vanilla friends who enjoy my career path and will come and watch a session. I do charge a nominal fee for their time.
Do you allow climax in session?
That isn't something I focus on. Sometimes a client will become aroused and it can happen and I'm not opposed to it. That said, I do not perform any sort of sexual service, no happy endings, nothing. So don't ever ask. You're in my presence for one reason and one reason only.
Do you allow top from the bottom clients?
Never. That's a huge pet peeve of mine. Don't ever do it or I'll call the session and you will not be refunded. You've been warned.
Do you see women?
Yes, I do. Over the last couple of years, I've had a huge influx of women clients and I welcome it. I also get couples where the woman isn't necessarily into being the disciplinarian but recognizes her husband needs correction, and will send him to me with a list of reasons he's being punished. I find that dynamic incredibly hot!
Do you do phone sessions?
Yes, you can contact me directly for details.
Do you enjoy gifts?
Sure, but they won't get you out of your punishment. Bribes may cost you 50 more! But if you truly appreciate my role in your life, then it can be a nice gesture. For the most part, I enjoy purchasing my own gifts from the following outlets:,,,

Contact // Travel // Events

I have eliminated all touring for the time being.
All event details are announced on Miss Payne's Twitter.