Domestic Discipline

Something I relish about domestic play is the "take down". Domestic players at their core are all about the need for correction. They enter the room with many different attitudes but they all deep down want the same thing. They want to be put in their place. They know that until they find themselves being forced to look me in the eye, with their chin held firmly in my hand, they won't be truly satisfied and neither will I. It's that moment, after they've been over my knee for an extended blistering on bare bottom, the moment when I stand them up and that cocky swagger, that they entered the room with, has melted away and I'm staring at the bashful little boy or girl where once stood a man or woman. That, for me, is the moment that both players strive for. That's the moment I'll give you. Because as you stand in the corner, eyes down, ass red, you'll feel complete in ways few other moments could ever offer you. That's what makes domestic players so much fun for me and so rewarding.